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Get to know the common questions that people ask me about my process, your wedding day, and getting professional photos taken.


Be informed, and ease your mind!

(I promise we'll have fun)

+ How long have you been photographing weddings?

- In 2021 I will be going into my 4th season photographing weddings. 

+ How many photos should I expect returned back to me?

- I guarantee a minimum of 40 images per hour returned to you, but I don't ever put a cap on the maximum number of images I will deliver. If I think its a beautiful image I will put it in your album. 

+ How long is your turn around time on photos?

- For weddings I quote a turn around time of 6-8 weeks, and for engagement shoots I ask for 2 weeks. 

- Sneak peeks are always delivered within 24-48 hours

+ Do you release RAW's to your clients?

- Unfortunately, I never release RAW/unedited images. At this stage in my process my work would only be half done, and therefor it wouldn't correctly represent my brand returning unedited photos to you. 

+ What do you need in order for our date to be secured?

- To secure your wedding day with me I require a non-refundable retainer and a signed contract. 


I am so nervous to get in front of a camera, what can I do to ease my stress?

- Firstly, EVERYONE feels this way. You're not the only one!

- Lets take the edge off first, pick your poison and we'll have a drink together first. 

- I do my absolute best to put you at ease, we start off slow and then get down and dirty. 


+ How far in advanced should we book a photographer?

-For Weddings: I recommend booking your photographer anywhere from 10-12 months in advanced.

-For Couples/Family sessions: I would recommend inquiring 1- 1.5 months in advanced. 

***I only accept a handful of weddings every year, so get your venue booked FIRST and then jump on your photographer ASAP! Get on it EARLY!***

+ Do you have a regular second shooter that you work with?

- Yes, I have a few second shooters that I normally work with. I tell all my clients that no photographer should have you stress about their second shooter. It is 100% the responsibility of your photographer to choose someone that they trust to get the job done. They are an extension of your photographers brand, and they should make this choice wisely. 

+ What should we wear to our engagement shoot?

-Ask me about my client closet and affiliated clothing stores! 

- Firstly wear something that you feel good in!

- Uncomfortable clothes= uncomfortable photos.

- Choose outfits that match your surroundings and the season you're in. (Ie: Don't wear high heels to the beach, and don't wear short shorts In the winter--> ask yourself does it make sense!) 

- No neon colours & minimal prints (if one wears a non-distracting print, then the other should stick to solids).

+ Will you travel out of Vancouver to photograph our wedding? 

- Yes! My passports ready to go when you are! I am always happy to follow the two of you wherever your wedding dreams take you!

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