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Spanish Banks Elopement: Marina + Thomas

Their original wedding date was April 25th, 2020 but unfortunately COVID completely skewed their wedding plans by an entire year. Although their plans were forced to change, these two did not let that stop them. They were still motivated to celebrate their amazing relationship on their original wedding date. Regardless of the situation they were determined to make that day special so he got into his suit, and she wore her reception dress and we met up at the beach. They exchanged wedding vows to each other with oceanfront views; just the two of them. These two are the shining example to not let anything stop you from having the experiences that are important to you! To them this Saturday afternoon during a global pandemic will always be a day to remember.

Marina's Reception dress was covered in sequins. I had her twirl her dress to catch the light, but when Thomas felt left out I told him to twirl in his suit too. We all had a pretty good laugh.

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