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Mud Bay Elopement: Michelle + Kim

(Have a listen to their soundtrack before starting this read)

WELL.... do I have quite a bit to tell you about these two and their AMAZING adventure elopement shoot at the beach! I originally met Kim and Michelle over instagram and we hit it off immediately. Their quirky, fun loving, and complete obsession of romance totally vibe'd with my love loving, can-do attitude. It set the mood that feeling led us the entire way through their photo session.

The plan: For these two amazing women to have their own private wedding day before the real thing. To reciting private vows, divulging in their great love for one another and expressing their endless hopes and dreams that they have for the future. They wished to have fun and remember the spectacular moment of seeing each other as brides for the first time before anyone else. This did not at all disappoint. Together Kim, Michelle & I (and their two best friends in tow) trekked along the beachside trail to the oceanfront views of Mud Bay Park. Kim and Michelle completely understood the meaning of making memories & they knew that facing the adventures that go along with getting their dresses a little dirty was all a part of the fun. And trust me when I say that in the end it was BEYOND WORTH IT. The rain trickled down lightly, but that didn't matter. We raced the tide as it came in fast approaching just so that the two of them could dance together as wife & wife for the very first time on their own private beach. Jumping in puddles because they didn't care that their dresses were already dirty, and finishing off the evening with white claws in the parking lot. Kim and Michelle are the exact type of couple in which I strive to shoot with; those who can let go and have fun for the sake of being silly. The moody grey skies cast the most romantic atmospheric vibe, and I would do it 1000x over again.

Thank you for the fearless adventure.




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