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Deep Cove Proposal: Sammy & Dylan

Dylan & Sammy planned a trip up to Vancouver from Seattle for their 10 year anniversary together. They met in high school and have made it past a MAJOR milestone that any couple could be proud to say that they have reached. What wasn't known in this plan was that Dylan had reached out to me saying that he was planning to propose to Sammy and hoped to have it documented . He had every detail so thoughtfully planned out right from the beginning, and I was there along for the ride to capture it all. He chartered a boat to take them to a private dock 15 minutes outside of Deep Cove in North Vancouver, which was only accessible by the way of the water. He and Sammy have always loved Vancouver and the perfect west coast vibes that it exudes, so he knew the ocean and mountain backdrop would be the absolute perfect spot to propose to her.

He arranged for candles, white rose petals and an arrangement of dried flowers and pampas to be ready and waiting for the when they arrived. As the boat came around the corner through the cool January mist the excitement in the air grew. Dylan had also arranged for Sammy's mother and brother to be hiding behind me as we captured their special moment; ensuring that every aspect of this day would be perfect for her.

As they stepped off the boat she realized that what he had told her they were doing that day was completely false. She never saw this sneaky plan coming, and that made the surprise all the more amazing. Their special anniversary day in celebrating 10 years of hard work on their relationship would now hold an even more special memory for them.

Everyone was crying.

And as they stepped onto the dock and the boat sped away Dylan dropped down to one knee and proposed.

It was the most picturesque proposal i've ever been a part of.

Thank you for including me in your adventure.



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