I completely believe that YOU are a better person

when you're with the one you love.

You can't imagine your life any other way.

Your hands are always intertwined together, and your minds are in sync.

You two live your lives the way you two see fit.

You believe in always chasing the adventures in front of you, laughing along the way at the jokes that only you two understand  

She is the glue that sticks to his soul, and he is the one that hold them both up above the rest. 

Therefor, here is my promise to you:

For those couples who like to shake the hell out of the champagne before popping it, I am here for you.

For the girls who don't mind getting their dress hem a little dirty, and their hair a little messy, I am here for you. 

Love is Love.

It doesn't discriminate, and it doesn't choose, it just happens.  

Let's make it happen. LET'S DO THE DAMN THING!


What makes me, me:

  • I'm a libra & horribly undeceive 

  • I am a lover of coffee

  • 100% Dog obsessed

  • Lover of jalapeño margaritas 

  • White wine & cheese 

For the beautifully authentic, madly in love, and "all their own" kind of couples.


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