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Let your imagination run WILD

 & make your elopement dreams a reality

If the traditional white wedding isn't how you envisioned your wedding day, why go with the status quo. The vibe is romance and love and you are passionate to show that in a way that is unique to you.  Whether you dream of a modern editorial take on getting married with saying vows on the steps of a museum. Or whether you envision it standing on the side of golden grassy hills in the Okanagan Valley. Two is enough, or perhaps a few more; its intimate and special to those lucky enough to attend. With all that the world has to offer you seek adventure in your life experiences, and your wedding should be no different!


Your story, told by me

I have been photographing the most beautiful weddings for the past 6 years now. I crave adventure, authenticity and a unique experience. Working with those who choose to express their creativity with a curated vision is something i love to do, and eloping creates the perfect scenario for this. 

I love golden light, laughter and the romance. My adventure elopement packages allow for your passion to shine through, as together we design your perfect fairytale nuptials. Your vision inspires my way of capturing your story. Let's run along the sand, climb higher than the clouds and savour the very best moments that you see as purposeful in your life. 

Ask about the Dream list


Amongst ancient archetecture and cobblestone streets.


In front of one of Canada's greatest lakes 


Along the black sandy beaches and rocky coastline. 


The grassy summer where the light never dims. 

If your getting married here, your photography fee could be FREE!

Our Clients

Let's start planning!

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