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 By Sarah Nicole Photography 

A little bit about Sarah Nicole

The brunette behind the lens

Hello!  I'm so glad you've made it!

So you wanted to learn a little bit more about me huh, well here you go:

  • I am 25 years old, a libra, and I have lived in BC my whole life.

  • I am super close with my family, and I am an older sister.

  • I am the proud momma to an English bulldog named Mac. 

  • I actually love looking a horoscopes, and although I may not live my life by them I find them surprisingly accurate. 

  • I'm pretty easy going, I don't fuss with much makeup, and my hair is almost always up in a pony tail. 

  • I love white wine, churros, any kind of dog, franks red hot sauce, ginger beer, hiking, traveling, a good scary movie, and coffee. 

  • I am hopelessly fair skinned, and have yet to master how to tan without burning.  


I have always been fascinated with photography, and my earlist memory of loving photography was through watching Russel James photograph women in such a raw, and perfect form that showed so much emotion and spirit. I have been photographing people for the last 6 years, and shooting weddings for the last 4 of those 6 years now. I am 100% committed to each and every couple, and I pride myself in being involved with my clients in whatever they need to make their big day AMAZING! 


Images by: Ivory Embers